Artsy Playgroup

  • Artsy playgroup is a sensory and art based experience for children walking to three years old.
  • Play group is a time for parents to connect with their child through the experiences set up in class. 
  • The teacher’s role is to set up invitations to play, create a safe and nurturing environment for the kids and help build community for the group.
  • Playgroup is an experience for the child and parent/care taker to explore new and engaging activities together at the pace of each individual child.
  • Play group activities include, but are not limited to, exploring with slime, doughs, clay, mixed media collage, painting, sifting, transferring and more.
  • Play group in the studio is limited to 10 students.
  • Home based play groups have a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students.

Home Based Playgroup

Home Based Playgroups throughout Klang Valley…How it works.

  • Gather a minimum of six great friends with children ages walking to 5 and create a magical experience right in your home.
  • One of our fantastic team members will come to your home for a session of sensory exploration and art inspired fun.
  • We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes based on availability.
  • Once you have solidified a date and time with the studio, hosts are responsible for gathering a minimum of six students per session to proceed with a class.
  • Hosting requires clear and open communication with the studio and class teacher via email regarding potential drop ins, cancellations, adding new students, weather issues and scheduling.


What parents are saying…

Don't just listen to us, see what parents are saying ....  

The art class is the best hour of the week for my daughter. It’s so stimulating & she have so much confidence because of class. Thank you for being such a wonderful colour in her life.

The hour we spend at Play and Paint art studio has become the most anticipated hour of the week. My kids have learned so much about art, but more importantly, about themselves. They truly know what it means to explore and imagine.

“Play and Paint art classes are so much fun! I have never had a class where my daughter asks me at the beginning of each week, when art class is because she can’t wait to go! A huge part of that is due to Teacher Priya and her super creative projects each week and also how she makes each child feel so special!"

“There is no better time than the one my son spends with Teacher Priya every week in art class. He looks forward to it more than anything else and we have been so pleasantly surprised by what it brings out in him. We feel so lucky to be a part of this special class and only wish that every teacher in our children’s lives were like teacher Priya.”

“We love Play and Paint art class! It’s a magical time for the kids to really connect to the materials and have an art adventure…a space where kids can get super creative and feel proud of whatever they do. We look forward every week to what materials we will find and what special project we will get to explore.

Play & Paint Art Studio is definitely a great place in providing a holistic platform that not just encourage creative thinking but also enhances imaginative productivity for kids. I have been sending my 10-year-old daughter for the past 1 year and I could see that she has developed Confidence & Creativity in a fun and interactive way. Thanks to Play & Art Studio for the great job done.

“The hour we spend at Play and Paint art studio has become the most anticipated hour of the week.  My kids have learned so much about art, but more importantly, about themselves.  They truly know what it means to explore and imagine.”

The only thing my 2-year-old ask is when is art class. The whole week will be about when is the next class. She adores Teacher Kanesha. Thank you so much for being the first best teacher in her life.